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        DeS Rispoli studied Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Boston where she graduated in 1976.  She continued her studies in Massachusetts at Harvard University, Whittemore-Dugin Design School, The DeCordova Museum School and in Florida at The BocaRatonMuseum School.      

  To her great advantage, her ongoing years of continual studies provided her with a collage of diverse professors that gave her the freedom to master many different styles and techniques.  


      In the early 70's she was introduced to the Eastern Art of Yoga and Meditation, which she continues to this day. Combining the discipline of Yoga with her passion for painting, DeS tapped into her inner spirit and found her voice in the many styles that she is known for today.  As she explains, "My work comes from within, I take my journey deep inside in order to freely create.  Each painting symbolizing a birth, like an emotional deliverance that breaks through the surface with color, shape and life onto the canvas."  


      Her female images contain rich passion             combined with ethereal grace that not only can be    seen, but also felt by the viewer. She was quoted saying

"I have intuitively visualized each piece before I begin.  I usually manifest the image, the emotion and all the colors; it all comes together in my subconscious before I pick up a brush. 

I see the Finished piece And it drives me to create."    

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